Boron 20%

Zealbor contains 20% boron, a micronutrient essential for crop growth. Zealbor helps for overall growth and development of the plant.


  • Boron in Zealbor helps cell wall strengthring & development, cell division, fruit & seed development, sugar translocation & hormone synthesis.
  • Boron has a significant effect in pollen germination & pollen tube growth.
  • The viability of pollen grains is increases.
  • Zealbor decreases the drop of buds & flowers, resulting in significant improvement in seed & fruit set & also in the quality of fruits, seeds, nuts etc. Boron maintains calcium in soluble form & thus ensure its proper utilization.
  • Foliar spray of Zealbor at the pre-bloom or bloom stages of fruit crops supplies available Boron at the critical periods of pollen formation, germination and fertilization just prior to seed & fruit set. Foliar applied Boron is rapidly absorbed by the leaves and flower buds giving maximum benefits.


Foliar Spraying : 0.5 to 1 gm per litre of water
Fertigation : 250-500 gm per acre


Compatible with all types of insecticides, fungicides and fertilisers.

Available Packing

100 gm 250 gm 500 gm 1 kg 5 kg (Bucket)