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Agri Search (India) Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2000, and Mrigdhara Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd. in 2012 in Nashik. To enhance yield and promote sustainable production, we manufacture a variety of high-quality plant nutrition products suitable for all types of crops. These include Amino Acids Chelates, EDTA Chelates, Micronutrient Mixture Fertilizers, Certified Organic Micronutrients, Organic Fertilizers, Organic Acid Series, Water-Soluble Fertilizers, Natural Biostimulants, Spray Adjuvants, Plant Growth Regulators, Soil and Water Conditioners, Biofertilizers, Biofungicides, Biopesticides, and specific Crop-Specific Fertilizers.

Both companies contribute to the production of these products. We operate in more than 13 states in India and are soon expanding to cover the entire nation. Additionally, our products are exported to countries like the USA, Kenya, Bangladesh, and more.

Recognized with numerous awards for excellence in agricultural input production, we are a leading force in manufacturing products for organic residue-free farming. ASPL proudly holds ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certifications.

We trust that these products will empower you to achieve high-quality and exportable crop production on your farm.


"To remain customers driven company, delight customers with state- of-the-art products and On Farm Consulting service, and thus be a Market Leader Complete Plant Nutrition company".

Core Purpose

Committing Excellence by Bringing Smile on Farmers Face

Core Values

  • Being Pioneer
  • Excellence
  • Respect Everyone
  • Commitment
  • Database Decision Making