White Gold

Combo Pack of Micronutrients for Soil Application

WHITE GOLD is a combi pack rich in essential nutrients and is suitable for Cotton, Vegetable crops, Turmeric, Ginger, Onion etc. Its use increases the production of good quality crop by 20-40 percent. Micronutrients such as Zinc, Iron, Boron and Silica as well as Magnesium, Sulphur are available in White Gold. These elements are essential for healthy growth, profuse flowering, increased shelf life of the produce etc.

The following nutrients are present in the kit of 27 kg white Gold.

1) Zinc sulphate :- 5 KG
2) Borax :- 2 KG
3) Ferrous sulphate : - 5 KG
4) Magnesium sulphate :- 10 KG
5) Mineral silica :- 5 KG
Total :- 27 KG


  • WHITE GOLD application helps to increase pest & disease tolerance which reduces the cost of spraying pesticide & cropremains healthy.
  • WHITE GOLD helps to reduce the pH of alkaline soils which in turn will help increased availability of nutrients.
  • It also increases the immunity of the crop against diseases.


Irrigated crops : 25 kg per acre.
Rainfed crops : 25 kg per two acre.


Avoid mixing White Gold with phosphorous fertilisers.

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