Nutritional Bio Activator

Sprout: A latest bio stimulant. Foliar spraying of Sprout leads to the formation of Aspartic acid, Glutamic acid, Indole Acetic Acid, Cytokinin etc. in plants. Acetyl and thioproline, are organic nutrients available in Sprout in balanced quantity and it is safe for crops and animals.


  • The absorption and transport of macro and micro nutrients is more and the synthesis of enzymes is fastened.
  • Due to more Photosynthesis the synthesis of IAA is also increased.
  • Fruit bearing hormone is produced and due to the formation of Aspartic and Glutamic acid, the crop tolerates the changes in the environment.
  • Provides the treated crops a starter effect for Sprout growth and improve fruit setting.
  • Overcomes physiological disorders, which are difficult to detect but heavily effect crop yield.


Foliar Spray : 1.5 to 2 ml per litre of Water
For dipping : Spraying of Sprout in grapes should be done at 14 to 17 days after harvesting. Start spraying after 3 months of planting in banana and at the stage of flowering in other crops.
Grapes: 250 ml per acre
Cotton and Vegetable crops : 250 ml per acre


Can be mixed with all types of insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators and water soluble fertilisers. Except alkaline fertiliser / chemical.

Available Packing

100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 1 ltr 5 ltr