Nutribiofert 80% (Export Grade)


Technical Name : Protein Hydrolysate / Amino acid Powder
Composition : Organic Nitrogen : 12.3% min. w/w

NUTRIBIOFERT 80% powder is fine, free flowing, slightly hygroscopic, spray dried powder containing amino acid short chained peptides derived from vegetable protein by enzymatic hydrolysis.

NUTRIBIOFERT 80% powder supports plant resistance to environmental stresses (drought, extreme temperatures, sunburn, transplanting stress, etc.

NUTRIBIOFERT 80% powder increases crop yield and quality.

NUTRIBIOFERT 80% powder readily soluble in water.


NUTRIBIOFERT 80% powder is also recommended as a soluble organic nitrogen fertilizer for fertigation (drip irrigation) and hydroponic watering systems. Recommended dilution rate for Foliar application - 0.2% - 0.3% in the usual quantity of spray water. (2-3 gm per litre) Drip / Soil application - Use 3-6 Kg per acer per application.

Available Packing

Powder packed in 25 kg HDPE Bag or as per requirement of particular country. COA, MSDS, Tech. specification available on request. We also manufacture tailor made products as per customer specifications.