• Company

    Our office area, developed in 2009, offers a modern workspace

  • Company Area

    Company operates within a one-acre facility

  • Hot Water Bath

    Precision temperature control for delicate sample incubation

  • Atmoic Absorption

    Unparalleled accuracy for elemental analysis in environmental, geological, and industrial samples

  • Godown

    Spacious godown space, facilitating efficient storage and logistics operations

  • Manufacturing Setup

    Our manufacturing setup is a state-of-the-art facility to ensure top notch quality

  • Packing Area

    Our hardworking labor force ensuring meticulous packing of our product pouches with care

  • Lab

    World-class lab equipment elevating scientific research with precision

  • Seed Fermenter

    Our seed fermentor is a technological marvel for seed cultivation and fermentation

  • Labelling Area

    Labeling area for a perfect finishing touch