Chelated Micronutrient Mixture fertiliser Liquid

Zincabor is a balanced mixture of Zinc, Calcium, Boron and Potassium. It is a micronutrient fertiliser available in chelated and in liquid form. All the four nutrients available in it are needed by all the crops.

Usage time:
1. First Spray : Vegetative growth stage.
2. Second Spray : Flower initiation stage.
3. Third spray : Fruit setting stage.

Note : While mixing, add the Zincabor to the water first, later add other chemicals. Especially, due to sodium free Zincabor in chelated form, there is no adverse effect on the crop even after increasing the amount of use.


  • Regulates generation of plant hormones by natural metabolism.
  • Makes Pollens & Pollen tubes healthy, Blooms up flowering & enhances fertility rate.
  • Enhances sugar levels in all types of crops by improving photosynthesis.
  • Keeps cell wall healthy, protects fruits from cracking, shape distortion and make produce crispy.
  • Enhances & strengthens growth of crops.
  • Detoxifies the effects of heavy metal in nutrition.
  • Helps plants to overcome through adverse effects of weedicides & insecticides in plant metabolism.


Foliar spray: 2.5 to 3 ml per Litre of water
Drip: 1 litre per acre


Being in chelated form, it is capable of mixing with any pesticide and nutrient as well as herbicide.

Available Packing

100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 1 litre 5 litre 10 litre 20 litre