High Performance Bio Stimulant

Vatila is ecologically safe. Environment friendly. Vatila does not leave any residue. Hence suitable for export growers. Vatila contains amino acid derivatives alongwith Vitamins in balanced proportion. It also contains certain growth promoting substances derived from plant & animal origin sources.


  • Vatila activates physiological processes which in turn help to Lowers abscisic acid & ethylene synthesis which helps to overcome stress conditions.
  • Enhanced flowering.
  • Increased fruit size.
  • Reduced flower & immature fruit drop.
  • Stimulates vegetative growth.
  • Better shelf life.


Vatila can be applied as a foliar spray or as a seed dressing. 100 ml to 200 ml Vatila is sufficient for foliar spray per acre in 100 to 200 litres of water. For Grapes 1 to 1.25 ml Vatila is sufficient per litre of dipping solution.


Vatila is compatible with almost all pesticides & fertilisers commonly used except those with alkaline reaction or which produces alkalinity after mixing.

Available Packing

100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 1 litre