Potassium Schoenite (K₂O : 23 %, MgO : 11%)

Passion is 100% soluble fertiliser. Passion contains Potassium, Magnesium and Sulphur in balanced proportion. These nutrients help in good and healthy growth of the crop. Passion is suitable for all crops.


  • Passion enhances and strengthens growth of crop, develops natural resistance in plant to overcome environmental stress and regulates maturity period of crop, helps in healthy root formation.
  • Helps in improvement of Oil, Protein, Starch and Sugar in respective crops.
  • When passion given in the growing stage of fruits and pods, it helps in improving the quality.


Application : Spray Passion @ 5-8 g per litre of water 2 to 3 times during fruit/boll/pod development stage. Increase the No. of doses in case of deficiency.
Fertigation : 25 kg per acre in split quantity


Can be mixed with all kinds of soluble fertilisers and Micronutrients

Available Packing

1 kg 5kg 25 kg