Silica-Enriched Micronutrient Mixture Fertiliser

Molar is a mixture of micronutrients in which apart from Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu & B, Mo, Micro-amorphous Silica is also available in balanced quantity.

Molar is specially used for soil application as it is highly suitable for basal dose, which increases the solubility and availability of micronutrients available in the soil and given externally.


  • Molar given in soil ensures a constant temperature along the root system of plants due to its insulating properties.
  • High silica content help plants mature quicker & stronger due to slow release of silica content with MOLAR MAS.
  • It facilitates the air circulation around the root zone.
  • High Cation Anion Exchange (CEC) will pass nutrients to plants roots more effectively.
  • The MAS in MOLAR has a high CEC as compared to clay particles.


10 to 20 kg per acre


Can be used with all types of fertilisers, except with phosphorous fertilisers.

Available Packing

5 kg 10 kg 50 kg