Non Ionic Spray Adjuvant

Features :

Fixer-AG : Concentrated active Ingredient.

Fixer-AG has no particle charge & hence does not lonise in water, remains active in the presence of Agrochemicals.

Excellent spreading property & uniform wetting on the plant surface.

Non corrosive to spray equipments.


Fixer-AG holds the spray solution (Droplets) even in rain.


  • Fixer - AG has buffering action that lower the pH of the water in the spray tank.
  • FIXER AG tend to stabilize the pH at a constant level.
  • It Fixes the Spray Droplets.
  • It is Extraordinary Activator which Enhances Spreading and Reduce Spraying Cost.
  • Helps in penetration of the spray solution even in the plants having thick & waxy leaf surface.


0.5 to 1 ml per litre of water Note : To be added at last in the spray solution.


Fixer-AG is compatible with all kinds of chemicals and fertilisers.

Available Packing

100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 1 litre 5 litre