Amino Acid Chelated Organic Certified Micronutrient Mixture fertiliser

Exceed is the complete Amino Acids based Micronutrient Fertiliser Mixture. Exceed contains Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Boron, Molybdenum, Magnesium and Organic Nitrogen. Exceed provides readymade & easily assimiable source of nutrition.

Precaution: Keep out of reach of children, keep away from direct sun and moisture.


  • Exceed provides organic nitrogen along with micronutrients in amino acid chelated form, helps quick & easy absorption by the crop.
  • Exceed plays an active role in respiratory function.
  • Exceed helps to overcome stress conditions.
  • Exceed helps to boost up energy metabolism in the plant.
  • Exceed helps in pollination & fruit setting.
  • Exceed helps to activate phytohormones & other growth substances in the crop.
  • Exceed increases chlorophyll concentration & boosts the photosynthetic activity.
  • Exceed is useful to maximize growth & yield by fulfilling hidden hunger micronutrient of crops like cotton, sugarcane, cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruit crops, floriculture etc.


Foliar Spray : 1.25 gm to 2.5 gm per litre of clean water. Two sprays are recommended at peak growth stages.


Compatible with most Insecticides & Fungicides except those with alkaline reaction.

Available Packing

30 gm 100 gm 250 gm 500 gm 1 kg