Liquid N:P:K Consortia Bio-Fertilisers

BIO-RELEASE KONCERT, is a viable consortium of various types of bacteria, capable of fixing environmental nitrogen, helps in solubilization of Phosphorus, Mobilization of Potash and various useful metal elements by making easy availability to the crops. KONCERT makes nutrients available to the plants in an easily assimilable and utilizable form.


  • Increases germination and plant growth. Improves crop health and increases yield. Use of Chemical fertilisers can be reduced by 20-25%. Improvement in the soil health.


Seed Treatment: Mix 10 ml of KONCERT with 1kg of seeds in required water and dry in shade for 10-15 minutes before sowing. Soil Application: Mix 1 litre KONCERT with 50 kg of any compost or organic manure, then keep it in shade for 10 days by maintaining sufficient moisture, after 10 days broadcast or apply in 1 acre land before or after sowing or transplanting. For Drip or Drenching dissolve 1 litre of KONCERT in sufficient quantity of water (approx. 200 ltr) and apply near root zone of crops per acre. Root Treatment: Mix 10 ml of KONCERT with 1 litre of water and dip the roots of seedlings for about 10 minutes before planting/transplanting.


Do not mix Koncert with copper containing fertilisers. Do not mix with chemical fertilisers and do not keep in direct sunlight. Combination of Koncert with Origino, Rootanza, Biorhythm and with Probion give good results.

Available Packing

100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 1 ltr 5 ltr