Release Copper Chelate

Release Copper Chelate: (Cu EDTA 12%)

What is Release Copper:

1. Release Copper is a straight chelated/organic micronutrient fertilizer which Derivative of EDTA. These are Renowned for its pure nature, good composition and effective value .


2. It is a Greenish Blue crystalline powder, Completely soluble in water.



Role of Copper in Plant :

In plants Copper essential for Plant physiological and Biochemical Processes. 

It boosts the chlorophyll concentration of green, healthy leaves while also preventing chlorosis and spiraling.

It acts as a facilitator in the respiration process of plant.


Symptoms of Copper Deficiency:

1. The most common symptoms of copper  deficiency is Darker leaves with purple  or blue undertones . 

2. The leaf tips die back and the tips are twisted

3. Chlorosis, wilting and drooping of mature leaves may be the first visible symptom of Cu deficiency. 

4. Leaves of intermediate age are first affected, but in time the turnover of leaves will mean that the oldest leaves show symptoms.

5. The chlorosis is interveinal, with a gradual fading of colour with distance from the main veins.

6. Chlorotic leaves may develop spots or patches of necrosis, which spread until the entire leaf is dead..



  • • Release copper increases the availability and uptake of copper by plants, ensuring that the nutrient is delivered to where it is needed most.
  • • Release Copper can help to mitigate this issue by reducing the need for acidifying fertilizers, as copper is an essential nutrient that can help to buffer soil pH.
  • • Release Copper can help to improve disease resistance and reduce the need for fungicides and other chemical treatments.
  • • Release copper can help to reduce the risk of heavy metal toxicity by binding to heavy metals and making them less available to plants.


Foliar Spray :- 0.15 gm to 0.25 gm per litre of clean water.


1. Highly compatible 2. Release Cu is compatible with the most Fungicides, Insecticides and Herbicides as well as the wide variety of phosphate fertilizers. 3. Release Cu safe for soil and foliar application.

Available Packing

100gm 500gm