Koncert Green

Special Bacterial Culture fornseed Treatment

Koncert Green is a unique bacterial culture prepared for direct seed treatment, use of which helps in germination and plant growth from beginning. In Koncert Green, high quality polymer and colour is used which facilitates uniform seed treatment. Treatment of Koncert Green provides Nitrogen fixing, Phosphorous solubilising, Pottash mobilising, Zinc solubilising alongwith root developing & protecting bacteria which give vigorous and healthy plant growth. In Koncert Green minimum beneficial bacterial count is 1.5x108 CFU per ml which meets per FCO standards.


  • As specially formulated for direct seed treatment, any other process is not required.
  • As soil health is also improved by this culture crop can stand well against soil borne diseases .
  • Economical as dose to be used is quite low.
  • When Koncert Green is used, there is no need to use any other cultures.
  • Can be used for all kinds of seeds and for all seasons.
  • As high quality food grade green colour is used, it confirms that every seed is treated.
  • Polymer used is seed friendly and helps uniform spreading of culture and its adherence with seed.


Use 10 ml of Koncert Green for each kg of seed and mix with seed by hands gently for uniform application. Treatment be made in shade. The polymer ensures that culture is adhered with seed and green colour ensures that every seed is treated. Allow seed to dry in shade for few minutes and use for sowing.


Do not mix Koncert Green in any chemical pesticides. Do not keep in direct sunlight. Koncert Green is made specially for direct seed treatment and there is no need to mix any other material.

Available Packing

50 ml 100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 1 ltr